about me

My name is Jordan Fitzgerald. I'm a web and software developer, designer, musician and occasional game developer. I'm currently a Computer Science student at the University of Wyoming. I started programming around the age of 12 when I learned to write basic scripts to accomplish simple tasks. After that, I expanded into the realm of web development. Creating websites later lead me into game development via the Canvas API. More recently, I've gained an interest in writing software and desktop games.


Web development

Other programming

At the moment, my favorite programming language is D. These days, when I'm inspired to work on games, I use DSFML (a D binding of SFML). My last Ludum Dare game, Mockbuster, is an example of this. I've also used Python, C, C++, C#, and Java in the past.


Currently, I'm using Windows 10 for day-to-day computing. I use Sublime Text 3 for editing code and Visual Studio when I need an IDE for C++ or C#. For basic image manipulation, I use GIMP, simply because it's what I know how to use. For vector graphics I tend to use Adobe Illustrator.


spice D, Pegged

This project is a mostly-complete templating language built in D. It's meant to be integrated into the server-side, but could theoretically be configured to output raw HTML. It makes use of Pegged and has simplistic but useful functionality.


Paste Stylus/JS, Django

I created Paste because I wanted a quick and less bloated alternative to sites like Pastebin.


ISAM JavaScript, Canvas API

This project was a collaboration with Maxwell Flynn to produce a "music video" for Amon Tobin's Wooden Toy. I originally started the project to test out a (now abandoned) library I was working on for the Canvas API.


Palette JavaScript

"Palette" is a very old project aimed at extracting the colors used in pixel art images. The script (rather crudely) creates a list of every color used to compose an image.


Connected Worlds (Ludum Dare #30) JavaScript, Canvas API

This game was my first non-solo game jam submission. I worked with Jacksack to produce a game using the theme "connected worlds" in 72 hours.


Twobuttons Controls (Ludum Dare #34) JavaScript, Canvas API

This game is about taking over a large chunk of Europe while recruiting an army of diverse, randomly generated characters. This time, Jacksack and I had 72 hours to create a game on the theme "two button controls." Clearly we haven't been very creative with naming our games.


Mockbuster (Ludum Dare #36) D, DSFML

Mockbuster was my most recent game jam submission and my first submission of a desktop game. The game involves screening customers at a movie store with the goal of reaching the day's income requirement. Mockbuster was (fairly obviously) inspired by Papers, Please.